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新手老手聚集地!<c7>这个部落创于12/8/19</c>,<c2>定时会清理长期不上线的成员</c>,<c6>QQ群:551307559</c>, <c5>战队-本地排行榜前200,</c>20天不上線將降ㄧ階 不能降的踢出 12/8/18

Data Updated: 51 days, 5 hours, 4 minutes ago.

Total Trophies

Club Progression over time. Total Trophies are a sum of trophies for all members in the club.

-331,370 today
-339,245 this week
-332,457 this season

General Info
TrophyTrophies 333,422
RankRequiredRequired Trophies 200
InfoType Open
Brawl NewsMembers 100 / 100
Online MembersOnline 0 = 0%
Location China
Members Unknown
Seniors Unknown
Vice Presidents Unknown

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