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ХЕЙ ты зашел в елуб значит знай правила - 1-не ругатся матом, 2-не оскорблять, 3-всегда октив,идем в топ мира ЖЕЛАЮ ВСЕМ УДАЧИ�

Total Trophies

Club Progression over time. Total Trophies are a sum of trophies for all members in the club.

+950 today
-96,141 this week
-96,141 this season

General Info
TrophyTrophies 234,517
RankRequiredRequired Trophies 12,000
Battle LogRangeTrophy Range 3,582 - 15,812
Brawl NewsMembers 20 / 100
Members 12 = 60%
Seniors 0 = 0%
Vice Presidents 7 = 35%
President League 8black player
# Rank Member Role Trophies
1 black player's profile icon black player President 15,812
2 Postnikoff's profile icon Postnikoff Member 14,792
3 Костя's profile icon Костя Member 14,729
4 оГуРцЫ кОпАтЫ4А's profile icon оГуРцЫ кОпАтЫ4А Member 14,608
5 конечно он's profile icon конечно он Member 14,411
6 VearCraft228's profile icon VearCraft228 Vice President 14,221
7 Qwerty's profile icon Qwerty Member 14,168
8 Афинка's profile icon Афинка Vice President 14,097
9 feet[Play]'s profile icon feet[Play] Member 12,649
10 [CK] леон's profile icon [CK] леон Member 11,751
11 лев's profile icon лев Member 11,662
12 [БЛЭТ] Мастер's profile icon [БЛЭТ] Мастер Vice President 11,355
13 [БЛЕТ] PRIZRAK's profile icon [БЛЕТ] PRIZRAK Member 11,012
14 mmm's profile icon mmm Vice President 10,841
15 tejanse's profile icon tejanse Member 10,728
16 Pro1_845's profile icon Pro1_845 Vice President 10,594
17 [Au]данил.велик's profile icon [Au]данил.велик Member 10,286
18 şımarık123's profile icon şımarık123 Member 9,136
19 sksmskak's profile icon sksmskak Vice President 4,083
20 [Au] Aurum's profile icon [Au] Aurum Vice President 3,582

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