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Zapraszamy!!! Zac = zaufanie st.członek = 4kn. W tym klubie! Nie przeklinamy i nie promujemy klubów. Kiedyś TOP 400 w Polsce!!!!

Total Trophies

Club Progression over time. Total Trophies are a sum of trophies for all members in the club.

+0 today
-2,459 this week
-2,459 this season

General Info
TrophyTrophies 118,573
RankRequiredRequired Trophies 1,000
Battle LogRangeTrophy Range 159 - 17,173
Brawl NewsMembers 20 / 100
Members 0 = 0%
Seniors 0 = 0%
Vice Presidents 19 = 95%
President League 6BERLINKA
# Rank Member Role Trophies
1 Oniś87™'s profile icon Oniś87™ Vice President 17,173
2 Wiktorx69's profile icon Wiktorx69 Vice President 16,474
3 PiterBlond's profile icon PiterBlond Vice President 15,301
4 KamieńXD's profile icon KamieńXD Vice President 12,009
5 KONDZIX's profile icon KONDZIX Vice President 9,415
6 jagodax™'s profile icon jagodax™ Vice President 9,260
7 szymoneks's profile icon szymoneks Vice President 7,613
8 rzepa's profile icon rzepa Vice President 7,007
9 BERLINKA's profile icon BERLINKA President 6,147
10 Rudzix87's profile icon Rudzix87 Vice President 4,622
11 «TWÒJ STARY»'s profile icon «TWÒJ STARY» Vice President 4,210
12 Alpaka Albert's profile icon Alpaka Albert Vice President 2,333
13 Danielek :D's profile icon Danielek :D Vice President 2,171
14 JD|JASIO's profile icon JD|JASIO Vice President 1,556
15 Terminator's profile icon Terminator Vice President 1,431
16 jagodax12x•'s profile icon jagodax12x• Vice President 581
17 KamieńXD's profile icon KamieńXD Vice President 514
18 <<TWOJA STARY>>'s profile icon <<TWOJA STARY>> Vice President 433
19 ¶Oniśmucka87¶'s profile icon ¶Oniśmucka87¶ Vice President 164
20 ☠️xWIKTORx☠️'s profile icon ☠️xWIKTORx☠️ Vice President 159

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