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chamsou gamer


اهلا بالجميع اسم قناتنا في اليوتيب chamsou gamer اهلا بالكل اتحادنا اتحاد يتيوبري نرجو من الجميع البقاء في الاتحاد وشكرا

Total Trophies

Club Progression over time. Total Trophies are a sum of trophies for all members in the club.

+1,721 today

General Info
TrophyTrophies 126,751
RankRequiredRequired Trophies 1,200
Battle LogRangeTrophy Range 177 - 14,216
Brawl NewsMembers 24 / 100
Members 13 = 54%
Seniors 9 = 37%
Vice Presidents 1 = 4%
President League 5the king
# Rank Member Role Trophies
1 ☆Lucifer☆'s profile icon ☆Lucifer☆ Member 14,216
2 lamine_yt's profile icon lamine_yt Member 13,079
3 ميشو الجلادهنا's profile icon ميشو الجلادهنا Senior 10,697
4 ⚡Dá_rk⚡'s profile icon ⚡Dá_rk⚡ Member 8,552
5 ⚡XanisX⚡'s profile icon ⚡XanisX⚡ Member 7,068
6 space gay's profile icon space gay Member 6,335
7 《~~♤hîrøki♤~~》's profile icon 《~~♤hîrøki♤~~》 Member 6,186
8 محمد زيرو's profile icon محمد زيرو Senior 6,178
9 ishak pro's profile icon ishak pro Senior 5,741
10 Slh's profile icon Slh Member 5,144
11 the king's profile icon the king President 4,848
12 islem's profile icon islem Member 4,757
13 zizou dzzh's profile icon zizou dzzh Member 4,557
14 rixe_X's profile icon rixe_X Senior 4,349
15 جوكر's profile icon جوكر Senior 3,832
16 إبن الجزائر's profile icon إبن الجزائر Senior 3,572
17 DANYL's profile icon DANYL Senior 3,320
18 Anouar_Kr's profile icon Anouar_Kr Senior 3,259
19 شيبون511xx's profile icon شيبون511xx Senior 3,005
20 mehdi-dz's profile icon mehdi-dz Member 2,462
21 ZizouDz's profile icon ZizouDz Member 1,924
22 ,......'s profile icon ,...... Member 1,777
23 red x's profile icon red x Vice President 1,716
24 haithem's profile icon haithem Member 177

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