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League 8



Data Updated: 52 days, 5 hours, 50 minutes ago.

Trophy Progression

Take a look at %Sorry3:)Bro's trophy progression over time. Tracked daily for members of clubs with enabled Club Management.

-150 today
-150 this week
-163 this season

General Stats
TrophyTrophies 10,787
RankHighest TrophiesHighest 10,795
InfoLevel 92 (234/950)
ClubClub ζ‹œθ¨—εˆ₯這樣
Personal Records
Unlocked Brawl Stars Unlocked Brawlers Brawlers 28 / 33
Gem Grab3 vs 3 Victories 638
Solo ShowdownSolo Victories 463
Duo ShowdownDuo Victories 329
Robo RumbleRobo Rumble Time 6m 36s
Big BrawlerBig Brawler Time 3m 23s
Boss FightBoss Fight Record Master
Power PlaySeason Record 97

Brawlers (28/33)

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