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Active Events

Check out recommended brawlers for currently active events. Check out recommended brawlers for active events.

× Double Swoosh is a Gem Grab map in Brawl Stars.
Double Swoosh
× Hot Point is a Showdown map in Brawl Stars.
Hot Point
× Burning Sands is a Bounty map in Brawl Stars.
Burning Sands
× Factory Rush is a Siege map in Brawl Stars.
Factory Rush

Upcoming Events

Ever wondered which maps are coming next? Ever wondered which maps are coming next?

× Cross Cut is a Gem Grab map in Brawl Stars.
Cross Cut
× Double Trouble is a Showdown map in Brawl Stars.
Double Trouble
× Safe Zone is a Heist map in Brawl Stars.
Safe Zone
× Triple Dribble is a Brawl Ball map in Brawl Stars.
Triple Dribble
× Hunting Party is a Big Game map in Brawl Stars.
Hunting Party

Best Teams

Pick the best team that works the best for you and your friends. Pick the best for you and your friends.

Gem Grab

Gem Grab

Collect Gems that pop out of the Gem Mine in the middle of the map. Collect Gems in the middle.


Team with more stars collected at the end wins. Team with more stars wins.


Destroy the opposing team's safe. Destroy the enemy safe.


Build robots by collecting screws and fight the other team. Build robots to fight with.
Brawl Ball

Brawl Ball

Score goals to the opposing team and prevent them from scoring. Score goals and defend.
Robo Rumble

Robo Rumble

Defend your safe from robots coming in waves for as long as you can. Defend your safe from robots.
Boss Fight

Boss Fight

Fight the boss robot and don't die as a team. Fight the boss robot.

Manage your Club

Managing clubs can be hard and we get that. That's why we developed custom features to help you.
It's easy and for every serious Club.

Map Archive

Remember that map? Because we do! We do!
Have a look at any map in the game, its recommended brawlers and last seen time. Have a look at it and its recommended brawlers!

Top Players

Check the best ranked players in the world. Check the best ranked players.

# Rank Player Club Trophies
1 Sis Loves Me's profile iconSis Loves Me No Club 22,979
2 Titanium's profile iconTitanium A Few Good Men 22,872
3 Trebor's profile iconTrebor A Few Good Men 22,597
4 AKTwistiTwik's profile iconAKTwistiTwik A Few Good Men 22,008
5 JIGSAW ;D's profile iconJIGSAW ;D bobbyBS 22,003
6 TQ|GuilleVGX☣️'s profile iconTQ|GuilleVGX☣️ No Club 21,834
7 Lil.らぶ's profile iconLil.らぶ バトロワ研究室 21,678
8 Patchy's profile iconPatchy bobbyBS 21,675
9 ༺༼Thom02༽༻'s profile icon༺༼Thom02༽༻ A Few Good Men 21,633
10 Tyrant Star's profile iconTyrant Star Nova Esports 21,437
11 ♦️Red|1st Best♦'s profile icon♦️Red|1st Best♦ A Few Good Men 21,428
12 EmerickYT's profile iconEmerickYT Brazilian Storm 21,365
13 ܤ〜していܤ's profile iconܤ〜していܤ CLUB きつねJPN 21,237
14 SWISSER :)'s profile iconSWISSER :) A Few Good Men 21,172
15 TQ|AlbertCG☢️'s profile iconTQ|AlbertCG☢️ ☢️ 21,169
16 <<EMØ>>'s profile icon<<EMØ>> Brazilian Storm 21,090
17 Tom's profile iconTom A Few Good Men 21,064
18 minwoongYT's profile iconminwoongYT IX Unity 21,005
19 MøHTëPBB's profile iconMøHTëPBB NINGUÉM SEGURA 20,888
20 insAnity :D's profile iconinsAnity :D Sad Army 20,832
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Top Clubs

These are the best ranked clubs in the world. These are the best ranked clubs.

# Rank Club Members Trophies
1 Omen's club iconOmen 97 / 100 1,665,211
2 Nova Esports's club iconNova Esports 99 / 100 1,638,728
3 Brazilian Storm's club iconBrazilian Storm 100 / 100 1,634,572
4 LA Spain's club iconLA Spain 99 / 100 1,588,760
5 Tribe Activium's club iconTribe Activium 100 / 100 1,571,539
6 A Few Good Men's club iconA Few Good Men 90 / 100 1,571,472
7 QLASH Olympus's club iconQLASH Olympus 99 / 100 1,561,831
8 Team Liquid's club iconTeam Liquid 100 / 100 1,551,628
9 Nova Hispania's club iconNova Hispania 100 / 100 1,542,401
10 日本のミカタ's club icon日本のミカタ 100 / 100 1,527,223
11 ArkStars's club iconArkStars 99 / 100 1,523,798
12 ASTRON eSports's club iconASTRON eSports 100 / 100 1,504,129
13 Nova Reborn's club iconNova Reborn 100 / 100 1,501,166
14 x6tence's club iconx6tence 100 / 100 1,489,604
15 Die Einheit's club iconDie Einheit 99 / 100 1,486,480
16 Munich Warriors's club iconMunich Warriors 98 / 100 1,481,269
17 BrawlConQueso's club iconBrawlConQueso 100 / 100 1,475,302
18 Brawlzil Force's club iconBrawlzil Force 100 / 100 1,472,925
19 크라운 베이커리's club icon크라운 베이커리 99 / 100 1,472,517
20 NINGUÉM SEGURA's club iconNINGUÉM SEGURA 100 / 100 1,467,952
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