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Ля заходьте в прикольний клуб! 😎10+днів АФК БАН!😁6,000+кубків-дозволено сидіти АФК.Якшо шо веселої гри:)

Total Trophies

Club Progression over time. Total Trophies are a sum of trophies for all members in the club.

-1 today
+11,587 this week
+11,663 this season

General Info
TrophyTrophies 135,187
RankRequiredRequired Trophies 1,800
Battle LogRangeTrophy Range 799 - 18,967
Brawl NewsMembers 22 / 100
Members 13 = 59%
Seniors 2 = 9%
Vice Presidents 6 = 27%
President League 7[Блэт]буханка
# Rank Member Role Trophies
1 yurablack's profile icon yurablack Member 18,967
2 NemoKarasik's profile icon NemoKarasik Senior 13,931
3 Limon4ik's profile icon Limon4ik Vice President 12,828
4 ОДАЙ САЛО ИЛКА's profile icon ОДАЙ САЛО ИЛКА Senior 11,827
5 [Блэт]буханка's profile icon [Блэт]буханка President 9,620
6 ViktorGamesTV's profile icon ViktorGamesTV Member 9,480
7 >>>ді-дрон<<<'s profile icon >>>ді-дрон<<< Vice President 8,680
8 KalibroZ's profile icon KalibroZ Member 7,846
9 Tornado's profile icon Tornado Member 6,408
10 mip228's profile icon mip228 Member 5,607
11 ☄️Sakidon⚽️'s profile icon ☄️Sakidon⚽️ Vice President 4,094
12 Гусям Свободу's profile icon Гусям Свободу Member 3,905
13 (Блет) курочка's profile icon (Блет) курочка Member 3,647
14 [БЛЕТ] GRO's profile icon [БЛЕТ] GRO Member 3,620
15 тролпл's profile icon тролпл Member 3,255
16 павлік's profile icon павлік Member 2,651
17 нещебродик's profile icon нещебродик Member 2,016
18 ÅĐĮЧ's profile icon ÅĐĮЧ Vice President 1,875
19 ЕГОР КРИД's profile icon ЕГОР КРИД Member 1,575
20 Winchester's profile icon Winchester Member 1,323
21 Team✖️Voron's profile icon Team✖️Voron Vice President 1,233
22 юра's profile icon юра Vice President 799

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