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League 4

Upolo Braw3l YT


Data Updated: 67 days, 19 hours, 57 minutes ago.

Trophy Progression

Take a look at Upolo Braw3l YT's trophy progression over time. Tracked daily for members of clubs with enabled Club Management.

-739 today
-732 this week
-732 this season

General Stats
TrophyTrophies 3,595
RankHighest TrophiesHighest 3,595
InfoLevel 33 (97/360)
ClubClub ΠŸΠ›Π•ΠœΠ― Π‘ΠžΠ§ΠšΠžΠ’
Personal Records
Unlocked Brawl Stars Unlocked Brawlers Brawlers 17 / 33
Gem Grab3 vs 3 Victories 16
Solo ShowdownSolo Victories 130
Duo ShowdownDuo Victories 21
Robo RumbleRobo Rumble Time 0s
Big BrawlerBig Brawler Time 3s
Boss FightBoss Fight Record -
Power PlaySeason Record 0

Brawlers (17/33)

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